A Pool Pass Solution for an Apartment Complex

Build with the property manager in mind.

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Discover how PoolEntry can help you to provide superior service to your residents.

Dealing with the community swimming pools can be stressful for property managers. Property managers are required to keep their tabs on the pool company or their own maintenance staff to ensure that the pool is being prepared for the summer. Along with having to deal with the logistics of pool pases and distributing them to their residents. Getting pool passes ready for the residents can be very tedious and can cause a lot of headaches for the property managers and the leasing office staff. PoolEntry makes dealing with pool passes a breeze. So you and your leasing office staff can focus on your residents and provide a great living experience exceeding their expectations.

Mobile app for pool passes. Create and distribute pool passes via a mobile app.

Does the following sound familiar? You start thinking about the pool and pool passes in late March. You start thinking how you will handle pool passes this season. Maybe you use a rubber bracelet as a pool pass and you start thinking whether you should order a different color of the rubber bracelets from Amazon or from another pool supplier. Or maybe you provide each resident a small paper card with their name on it. Or there's an implemented and sophisticated pool pass system that allows you to take pictures of your residents, and it prints a plastic pool pass for them. All of this takes a lot of your time from more important things. Residents are busy with their daily life and they don’t want to spend their time coming to the leasing office to pick up passes and possibly take pictures. If you implement the PoolEntry pool pass system, you will be able to focus on more important aspects of managing the community and be able to provide superior service to your residents.

A Swimming Pool Pass for an Apartment Complex

Lifeguard Assisted Check-In or Self Check-In method. Optional Picture ID for your pass.

Each community is different and has different needs to control access to the community swimming pool. High Rise buildings and communities with swipe key card access will have different needs than a community with a pool in the middle of the community that is accessible to anybody. You can select between a Lifeguard Assisted Check In and Self Check-In method for your residents. You can also combine this method with an optional Picture ID. If you select a picture ID, residents will need to take a picture of themselves in order to activate their pool pass. So if your community is a high-rise building, or your residents use electronic key cards to access the pool you can select Self-Check in method with No Picture ID. If your pool is accessible to anybody, or you experience non-residents trying to sneak into your pool, you can select the Lifeguard-Assisted Check-In method with Picture ID. This way you can customize PoolEntry the way that fits your community.

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Upload pool rules in PDF format. A Resident will be required to agree to pool rules via the mobile app.

Every community has written pool rules. You probably just started thinking if there are any updates to your pool rules that are needed. Maybe you need to add some more rules regarding COVID-19. Oftentimes, you need to collect signatures from your residents as proof that they read and agreed to the pool rules for liability reasons. Distributing pool rules and collecting signed copies of pool rules can be very tedious. You can possibly ask your residents to stop by at your leasing office to pick up and sign the pool rules at the same time when they pick up pool passes. Or you can email them to them and hope they will sign and return them to your office. With PoolEntry, the distribution and collection of pool rules is much easier. You can upload your community pool rules in PDF format when you are setting up a new community in PoollEntry. When the residents look up their pool passes in their mobile app, they will be presented with the pool rules on the screen and they will be required to agree to it before downloading their pool passes.

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Guest passes and payments. Residents will be able to purchase additional passes with a credit card via the mobile app.

Many apartment complexes provide free seasonal passes and usually offer a certain number of guest passes sometimes at an additional cost. If a resident would like to use a guest pass for a friend, they usually need to come to your leasing office to pick up a free guest pass or to purchase one. With PoolEntry, your residents will be able to obtain a guest pass via their mobile app. If you charge for guest passes, the resident will also be able to purchase the guest pass with a credit card via the mobile app. You can set the price of an additional pass and guest pass when you set up a new community in PoolEntry.

A Guest pass for swiming pool for an apartment complex