A Pool Pass Solution for a Homeowner Association

Build with the property manager in mind.

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Discover how PoolEntry can help you to provide superior service to your residents.

For many Homeowner Associations, the pool is the most important amenity and it is the centerpiece of a community. With hundreds of homeowner residents, the pool pass set up and distribution can be an enormous task requiring a lot of time.

Mobile app for pool passes. Create and distribute pool passes via a mobile app.

Many communities use an outdated system printing out pool passes. This usually requires a computer or an iPad and some type of installed cloud software. The set up is usually tedious and the pool attendants at the front desk usually require training walking through the system so they can properly sign the pool visitors in. Typically, the property managers dedicate a lot of time taking pictures at the pool club house when residents come in. Or the property mangers ask the residents to email their pictures that residents would like to have on their passes. Often,, the pool manager needs to involve a pool management company to assist with picture taking and pool pass distribution. Pool entry simplifies the pool pass distribution effectively. After the property manager sets up a new community and sets up the pool pass policy, pool passes are automatically generated for residents. Homeowners are then sent an email with detailed instructions how to retrieve the passes via a mobile app. The homeowners will need to activate their passes and if you select the Picture ID option, they will be able to take a picture of themselves via the mobile app.

A Swimming Pool Pass for an Apartment Complex

Suspend pool passes for a specific homeowner or resident. Residents will be able to purchase additional passes with a credit card via the mobile app.

For many homeowner associations, it is important to be able to immediately suspend pool passes for some of the residents and homeowners. Either if it is because of unpaid hoa fees, or someone not following pool rules, PoolEntry allows any property manager to easily suspend pool passes for any specific resident. If you suspend the pool pass for the resident, they will not be able to Check-In at the pool and they will receive an automated message to contact a leasing office. All of this is to take place in real time. This way you don’t need to print any do-not-allow list for the lifeguard and you can disallow access to the pool to anybody in real time from the office.

A Guest pass for swiming pool for an apartment complex

Lifeguard Assisted Check-In or Self Check-In method. Optional Picture ID for your pass.

The majority of homeowner associations require their homeowners to purchase seasonal passes. PoolEntry simplifies the process of recording payments from the residents for the passes. You Can manually mark received payments directly in the PoolEntry system and manually activate the pass after you receive the payment. HOAs can also take advantage of PoolEntry payment processing. When you select PoolEntry Payment Processing during the community setup, PoolEntry will allow residents to pay with their credit card. We will automatically process all the payments and activate the passses automatically. The received payments are transferred to an account within 7-10 business days. You can combine the two payment methods, process larger amounts for seasonal passes via a check and received by your office, as well as allow homeowners to purchase guest passes with a credit card.

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Upload pool rules in PDF format. A Resident will be required to agree to pool rules via the mobile app.

Every community has written pool rules. You probably just started thinking if there are any updates to your pool rules that are needed. Maybe you need to add some more rules regarding COVID-19. Oftentimes, you need to collect signatures from your residents as proof that they read and agreed to the pool rules for liability reasons. Distributing pool rules and collecting signed copies of pool rules can be very tedious. You can possibly ask your residents to stop by at your leasing office to pick up and sign the pool rules at the same time when they pick up pool passes. Or you can email them to them and hope they will sign and return them to your office. With PoolEntry, the distribution and collection of pool rules is much easier. You can upload your community pool rules in PDF format when you are setting up a new community in PoollEntry. When the residents look up their pool passes in their mobile app, they will be presented with the pool rules on the screen and they will be required to agree to it before downloading their pool passes.

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