Customer Support

Please read the following frequently asked questions before contacting our customer support.

Where can I download PoolEntry mobile app?

You can download the PoolEntry app from the App Store (iPhone) or from Google Play (Android)

How can I obtain my pool pass?

Install PoolEntry from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). Look up your pool pass by entering your phone number and your last name.

What does the message "Lease holder not found" mean?

This means that the phone number and the last name provided doesn't match the records in our database. Please contact your leasing office.

What should I do if my pool pass is not working?

Your pass is an automatically generated unique 4-digit code that is valid for only 5 minutes. If a lifeguard tells you that your code expired, just click the "refresh" button next to the pass that you want to refresh. A new code will be generated.

What is the difference between using "check in" option and using the 4-digit code?

Check in function allows you to check in by yourself when you arrive at the pool. When you check in, the lifeguard will get a notification that you are checked in. You can also provide the 4-digit code to the lifeguard and they will check you in.

Can I screenshot my pool pass and use it for pool access?

No, the screenshot of your pool pass will not work.

Will the lifeguard be able to see my age?

No, the lifeguard will not be able to see your age. Only if a person is younger then 15 years old, the lifeguard will see a note "Resident is under age of 15".

Will the lifeguard be able to see my date of birth?

No, the lifeguard will not be able to see your date of birth.

Can I have my friend download my pool pass on their phone and access the pool?

No, your friend is not able to download your pool pass unless they are on the lease.

How many devices can I authorize my pool pass on?

You can install your pool pass on as many devices as the number of pool passes assigned to you by the leasing office.

What does the message "You exceeded maximum number of allowed installs" mean?

This means that you authorized your pool pass on all allowed devices. In order to authorize your pool pass on a new device, you will need to deauthorize pool pass from your other devices.